The best bang for your buck!

We have tried a few other fishing charters along the grand strand lately and the Pride of the Carolinas boat out of  BW’s marina is the BEST!!  For your money, the Little River Fleet offers the best bang for your buck!  We reserved for seven people for our fishing trip  it was very enjoyable! We were really looking forward to our fishing trip prior to our vacation, and let me tell you that our trip exceeded any expectations that we had!!!  First of all, the captain was very knowledgeable! He took the time to really inform us about many different aspects of our trip, and he was extremely friendly and professional and made sure that my husband, our friends and myself had a great time! I would recommend Little River Fleet to every person that would like to go. We wish we could go again tomorrow!!!!

We would highly recommend..

My wife and I booked a trip with the Little River Fishing Fleet for us and our two boys, ages 11 and 8 the last week of October. We went with the half day fishing trip thinking that would be just enough time for the boys to have fun before getting wore out and run out of gas.  The main reason we were going on the trip was for the boys to have fun.

When we arrived at the boat we could see the captain was very busy getting the “Pride”, as he called it, ready for the trip but he still took the time to give us a quick tour of the layout.  The boat was very clean and well kept and we could tell he takes pride (pardon the pun) in the operation  The captain recommended we try to catch some big fish first since some folks the day before had good luck with that, but for us they weren’t biting so we moved on to trying to catch smaller fish.  As soon as we did it seemed like the boys were catching something every couple of minutes, mainly black sea bass that we threw back and a few triggerfish.

The crew was very good with the boys,  helping them get started by showing them how to bait their hooks.  They also moved the boat a couple of times when the bites stopped.  These guys really know what they are doing.  We would highly recommend the Little River Fishing Fleet to those looking for a day of  some fun fishing for the little guys!!

A great fishing experience!

Was looking for something special to do for my girlfriend on her birthday so I took her out fishing.  She has always told me that she wanted to go out fishing and find out what its like to wrestle in a big fish so I signed us up for one of the specialty fishing trips on board the Sundancer.   The captain was very knowledgeable.  We are both amateurs and usually have poor luck when it comes to fishing so we were very happy when the captain explained to us the different fishing methods we could try including lures or using live bait. We didn’t catch anything for the first couple of hours and it was beginning to look like a birthday bust, but sure enough after a while she landed a good size mahi and then it was game on!  We  had hit a good spot and reeled in one fish after another!  I’d say our streak of good luck lasted about an hour and a half maybe two hours.  Most of them we had to throw back but all in all we caught about 3 or 4 good keepers.  We cooked them up that evening and there’s nothing better than fresh grilled fish with birthday cake!  And we have leftovers in the freezer!  Needless to say I was in good standing with my girlfriend for quite a while,- it was a great fishing experience!

Crew very friendly

We had been sitting on the beach all week and we were starting to look like lobsters ourselves so we were looking for something different to do than just lay on the beach roasting again.  Four of us went out on the half day trip leaving early in the morning, and had the best 4 hours a group of friends can have.  The best part about fishing this part of the Atlantic is you don’t have to go 20 miles out in the ocean.  We started pulling fish out of the water right away!  The captain  moved the boat a couple of times when they stopped biting and it seemed like he knew all the best places.  In addition the crew was very friendly and gave us some good fishing tips.  I would say we were all very impressed with their effort and they were very knowledgeable.   I would recommend the Little River Fishing Fleet and we cant wait to get back out there. Thanks guys!!

Best tuna trip I’ve ever had!

We went to the Little River Fleet headquarters to look around and meet some of the staff the day before our scheduled trip and after speaking with them for about ten or twenty minutes I had a real good feeling about our trip the next day.  They were very friendly and knowledgeable.  The actual captain of our boat was there picking up some gear and we got to talk to him.  He made his point to be there early in the morning and not to be late, and all I can say is great call we were in for the fishing trip of our lives!!!  Although there were many highlights of the day I would say the best part was when we got back to the dock that evening we looked around and from what it looked like no one else had caught much of anything.  You should have seen the looks on their faces as our group got our photos taken with all of our big fish.  A very successful outing we would definetely go out with this company again.  Best tuna trip I’ve ever had personally!  Thanks for a great time Cameron,- we will be back!!

Great ship, great people!

What can I say? This was the first fishing trip our family has ever taken, and it was definitely the highlight of our vacation in Myrtle Beach. We caught so many fish –  mainly black sea bass – and the kids were thrilled!  The looks on their faces were priceless as they reeled in the fish.  It was worth every penny.  They giggled with excitement for hours afterward.  The captain and crew were the best.  It seemed they went out of their way to make sure we had a wonderful time.  As far as the ship, it was very clean and nice and everything operated perfectly.  Would recommend this company.  Great ship, great people!